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  I am a man with too many hobbies and not enough time. I enjoy a challenge, I love stories, I cannot help but tinker when something could be better. It is no surprise then that I like gaming so much. The problem is that I like gaming on two fronts: the digital side of computer games and the tabletop side of D&D and wargaming. On that note, this blog was created to share my efforts in miniature crafting for tabletop roleplaying games and miniature wargaming. Now my focus has shifted. Now I have two Youtube channels. Now I have another hobby called video production and that means even less time for hobbying! Uuuggghhh! On the plus side, I can add that to my resume. The point is, while I may not post on this site anymore, The Gaming Tome lives on… just maybe not here.

  Never stop learning. Be nice. Have fun. Laugh. Do not make a deal with the great old ones no matter how many times they offer you that really good looking sandwich in that recurring dream. You know the one. Keep making and keep playing. Have a nice day… or night.

- Evan

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Have you stumbled across a piece of lore? Is your fortress under siege from trolls? Have you opened a portal to a distant realm that is spewing forth unatural horrors that threaten to consume and bend your very reality as you know it? Of course you could just have a question. Send us an email at thegamingtome@gmail.com.

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